22nd February 2017 - IET Birmingham

Join us for this masterclass in Information Security in healthcare applications and medical devices.

specialists in medical device software, connected devices and cybersecurity.



Whilst we recognise that the skills, experience and personal qualities of the development team and its leadership are probably the most important determinant in the success of a project, nevertheless the processes applied have a significant impact on a development project’s outcome.


In the development of complex systems, taking a “Systems Engineering” approach can halve the development timescales and costs, research conducted by Boeing shows.  Similarly Agile development methods in software systems can significantly reduce development times whilst simultaneously improving quality and reducing defect rates.


In the medical sector, the regulation of medical devices covers not just the product, but also how the product was developed. This means that processes have multiple aims, one of which is compliance with applicable regulations and international standards.


At Ascensys, we believe in efficient best practice.  That means being compliant with regulation whilst being as efficient and effective as possible.  We have many years’ experience of successfully developing medical device development processes across a variety of sectors that are compliant with the EU Medical Devices Directive and 21CFR820 in the United States.


To learn more about how we can create efficient best practice development processes for your business, or how we can optimise your existing processes, please contact us to discuss your needs.